Monday, June 16, 2008


I have been waiting for news about the iPhone moving to other carriers, but unfortunately I haven't heard a for sure thing. They have an exclusive contract with AT&T for 2 years but there have been rumors that they will branch out to other networks sometime this year. I'm with Verizon and have not been wanting to switch over to AT&T but I don't think I can wait any longer! I've been wanting it since they announced it back in January or February of '07. So I think when the new model comes out next month I'll make the switch!

A perfect Summer night

Last night fits into the category of the perfect Summer night. It started off with a delicious dinner. Nothing says Summer more than a BBQ. Grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken. My favorite! Served with chips, pasta salad, and watermelon. The only thing you could add would be corn on the cob. (Which I cannot wait for!) I was so excited that the weather is finally nice enough to be able to eat outside on the patio. It was so nice! The leaves are out, the grass is green, the stream was running. It was great. After Dinner we brought blankets out to lay on the grass. It was so nice I fell asleep. The sound of the running water really helps you to fall asleep!

The night ended with a walk through the neighborhood. Everyone went (including Roxy) but Courtney because she wasn't feeling good. She was passed out on the couch. (Feel better Court!) Roxy was so excited to be out on a walk, but not very happy about being on a leash. She kept pulling whoever was walking her. She would make funny grunting noises because her leash was choking her, but she didn't mind. Robyn's new favorite thing is Roxy on a leash! Ha ha.

The weather was perfect. It was nice and warm. We got up to the top part of the neighborhood and decided to go on this trail that leads up to the shoreline trail. We walked by a few nice houses and admired the yards, and the views. We live in such a beautiful state! We walked up the trail for a bit and watched the sunset. The sun was so red! (You can't even tell in the picture.) There was smoke in the valley so it made the sunset really bright! I loved it. You know how much I love sunsets. They are one of my favorite things! It was the perfect ending to a great Sunday night. It really got me excited for Summer. Hiking, great weather, barbecues, being outdoors... Can't wait!
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