Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Navi's text message!

Translation: "I love my Uncle Tanner!"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Call the cops!

Saturday after work, I decided to drive down to St. George for the remainder of the weekend to get a taste of Spring. All this snow has gotten to me and I decided even being down there for just ONE day with nice weather will be so worth it! Brandon, Robyn, Courtney and Navi were down there, as well as Marcie, Brian and Syd. Earlier in the week I told Courtney I was thinking about driving down after work and just staying through Monday morning, and then I told her I decided it was too long of a drive for such a short trip. So as far as they knew, I wasn't going to end up making it. Well I left my place around 6:00 P.M. and arrived just before 10:00. When I was heading to the condo I text Courtney to ask her how St. George was and what they were up to so I could sneak into the condo and surprise them if they weren't there. She told me they just got dinner and dessert from 25 Main and were now just getting stuff at the grocery store. When I heard this, I headed straight to the Albertsons by our condo because that's where I figured they would be. I walked past every aisle hoping to walk up behind them and surprise them... however, they were nowhere to be found. While I was searching the store my Mom called and asked how I was going to surprise them. She told me how Courtney rode down with Syd, Marcie, and Brian and surprised them by getting inside a black garbage bag and sitting in front of the door. Marcie called Robyn and told her that she had left a sack of stuff on the doorstep of things my Mom sent with Syd for our condo. She told Robyn she knocked but nobody answered. So Robyn went to the door and tried to pick the heavy bag up. She couldn't lift it so she then began to scoop it up [Courtney] from the bottom. Courtney then jumped out of the bag and scared Robyn to death.

So after leaving the grocery store I headed to the condo and used the spare key to get in. I was trying to think of what I could do to surprise them. I was thinking maybe just hide behind the couch and when they opened the door yell "SURPRISE!", but that was a boring idea. Then, something popped into my head. I'll make it look like someone broke in! I hid all their valuable items (Laptops, iPod, sunglasses...) and then began to place chairs, barstools, and tables on their sides. I threw DVD's and the couch pillows all over the floor, took off the lampshade and knocked over a few more things to make it look someone broke in. I watched out the front bedroom window for them to pull up. Once I saw them, I ran to open the back sliding glass door, and then hid behind the bed in the back bedroom. I heard them open the door and heard the fear in their voices. "Woah... what?" Then a couple seconds later Courtney yelled "It's Tanner!" That idea was shot down by Brandon and Robyn by them both saying someone had broken in. Their biggest concern was Navi of course. They wanted to get her out and back in the car until everything was figured out.

I was in the bedroom laughing to myself. Then I heard Brandon draw a knife from the kitchen drawer and then they went outside. When I heard that knife I'm glad I was in the spot I was because I was looking under the bed, watching for him so if he did start to come I could reveal myself before he threw a knife at me or something. That would have been bad. They were outside for a few minutes and I was waiting for someone to come back in, but they never did. At this point, I sent a Twitter message saying "I heard the condo got robbed!" Courtney then called me...

Court: "Are you in St. George?"
Me: [laughing] "GOTCHA!"
Court: "Tanner, we just called the cops!"
Me: [still laughing] "You did?! You better hurry and call them back!"

They came in and Courtney and Robyn said they were shaking. Robyn said this is the second time she's had anxiety down here. (The first time being when Courtney jumped out of the bag)
After they were no longer shaking they were able to have a good ol' laugh about it all. The best part is Courtney said the cops asked for my name. Is this going to go on my record or something? Ha ha. If it does... it was well worth it.

Here is the mess I left. I could have done sooo much more, but I had to remember I have to clean this up when I'm done. - (It doesn't show up as good on pictures. You had to be there)

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