Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maui Melon Mint

If you haven't tried this flavor yet... you need to! I buy it all the time. The pack I bought yesterday is halfway gone already! So good!

YouTube Video Contest!

It's BAAAAACK! Time for another contest!



*Browse YouTube and try to find the funniest video you can.
*When you find the video you want to submit, send the link to my email address. ( I will make a deadline for the video submissions. (MAY 4TH)
*I will post the videos on my blog (anonymously) and then create a poll for you to vote.
*You can vote for **FOUR VIDEOS** one time each and you can't vote for your own!
*In the event of a tie, all other videos will be deleted and a new poll with the finalists will be created for you to vote again until we have a winner.
*Try to make the video one that nobody has seen before.

This will be a really fun way to see new funny videos!

Again, the DEADLINE for video submissions for this contest will be SUNDAY MAY 4TH.
Videos will be posted on Monday and the voting can begin!
Voting will last for 4 days. (Ending Thursday, May 8th)
The winner will be announced Friday, May 9th! Good luck!
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