Friday, August 28, 2009


In less than 2 weeks, I will be living on Kauai! I decided I needed a change, and to get out of Utah. Nothing against Utah... I love it here. But experiencing life outside of the bubble is definitely a must. I've always wanted to live in Hawaii and figured this is the time. Sorry, Mom. I know you are the only one who doesn't want me to go... but it will be very good for me. I'm hoping it's going to be my time to grow, and focus on ME. I quit my job about 2 weeks ago, (best thing I've ever done) and am going to work in Kauai. There's a job offer that I'm considering right now. It's doing reservation sales for vacation condo rentals. The same condos I stayed in on my vacation back in July. They are really nice! When I get to Kauai, I'm meeting with the lady I would be working for to see if it's a good fit for me. I'm really excited, but really nervous at the same time.

Just to give you an idea of the scenery I'll be seeing everyday, I've posted a bunch of pictures. Just be sure to remember the cold weather that's heading to Utah... that makes the pictures even better. :)

Na Pali Coast

Bird's eye view of the Na Pali Coast

How amazing is this?

Seriously??? Wow.
Another shot of the Na Pali Coast. Amazing!

So I will be living in a city called Princeville on the North shore of Kauai.

That red marker on the far right is the area I'll live.

I drove down to California earlier this week and shipped my car off!
I had a little panic attack. There was no turning back.
What a huge decision. It all came together so fast! It's a huge change,
but I know it will be such a fun experience.
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