Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friends: The Movie?

Yesterday I received the BEST news. I was laying on the couch and my mom asked me, "Guess what tv show they are thinking about making a movie out of." I thought she might be talking about 24 because I've heard they are in the process of getting that together. "What show?" I asked her. The next word that came out of her mouth gave me chills. "Friends!" She said. Anyone that knows me well knows that I'm a Friends fanatic!

I'm guessing since the huge success of the Sex and the City movie, and the actors not really finding success as big as they did with Friends, it made sense to do a Friends movie. Supposedly Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are on board for the movie already. There is talk that the other actors would most likely get on board as well. They are rumored to get and estimated $19 million each for making the movie.

I hate to get my hopes up because I've heard reports that executives are denying the Friends movie rumors. But at the same time, the rumors that it WILL happen are spreading like crazy. Let's just hope it will happen. It would be a HUGE success if they did it!
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