Tuesday, April 1, 2008

YouTube Contest!

Down in St. George over Easter, the siblings and I were all on our computers and decided to do something kinda fun. We decided to have a funny video contest. We each had 15 minutes to find the funniest video we could and then we would vote. Well... welcome to the first YouTube video contest!

If you want to compete here are the rules.


*Browse YouTube and try to find the funniest video you can.
*When you find the video you want to submit, send the link to my email address. (tboz.08@gmail.com) I will make a deadline for the video submissions.
*I will post the videos on my blog (anonymously) and then create a poll for you to vote.
*You can only vote for one video and you can't vote for your own!
*In the event of a tie, all other videos will be deleted and a new poll with the finalists will be created for you to vote again until we have a winner.
*Try to make the video one that nobody has seen before.

This will be a really fun way to see new funny videos!

The DEADLINE for video submissions for this first contest will be THIS SATURDAY.
Videos will be posted on Sunday and the voting can begin!
Voting will last for 2 days. GO!

This was a winning video from our contest in St. George. Ha ha.


Every year, I seem to forget that it's April fools. I'm actually well aware... but forget 12 different times throughout the day. I guess I'm that way because I have never been a jokester. Well Courtney got me good. She recently got a really nice camera from my dad. Well she called me, SOBBING! "Tanner, I don't know what to do!" "What happened?!?" I asked. I thought she hit some pedestrian or something! "My camera got stolen!" She cried. "How? Where was your camera?" I asked her. "It was in my car while I was at work. I was going to go take pictures when I was done." Well the crying sold the story, the fact that she would leave it in her car confirmed it. I totally bought it. I go on and on with all these helpful ideas about what she could do to track the camera down. I just felt so bad for her! That would definately suck! She continues crying and sniffling and then says "I don't know what to tell dad... Maybe I'll tell him APRIL FOOLS!"

Courtney has always been one to celebrate EVERY sort of holiday and usually goes all out. This was just another classic case of Courtney and her holiday fun. Well done Court! I give that performance a 10 out of 10!
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