Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall TV megapost!

The only reason I look forward to Fall, besides cold weather, rain, and school, is plopping down in front of the TV and enjoying some good entertainment. Most people say they hate watching TV, when it's really not true. I on the other hand, hate it. Just kidding. So many TV shows are so action packed and well done it's just like going to the movies. Only you can lay around in your PJ's while you watch on the comfort of your own couch. The new Fall shows have already started Premiering. I thought I would pass on some of my favorite shows and let you know what you're missing out on. And also, let you know what shows I'm most looking forward to!


What's on NOW!

"America’s Toughest Jobs" is a new extreme competition series that will test 13 men and women who venture out of their safe and comfortable careers and are injected into some of the most challenging, dangerous and demanding jobs on earth.

From logging high in the Washington forest to oil drilling on the Texas range, and driving icy roads to extreme fishing – each job requires guts and stamina, and the competitors will have to live up to the same standards as the pros. At the end of each episode, their new boss and co-workers will determine success or failure, and those who don't make the grade will be sent home. Upping the ante, the annual salary of each job will be thrown into the pot until the finale – where one rookie will take home the well-earned cash.

This show is awesome. I love it.

The first job was crab fishing
Second job was trucking
Third job was gold digging. (I wanna do it)
Next week is logging!


Prison Break is back. I have to admit, I
was a bit disappointed with last season.
It lacked what seasons 1 and 2 had. It
was a bit slow, and nothing seemed to
happen all season. I hope this season is
better than the last!


Starting soon!

September 16th -

This is one of my favorite shows. If you've never watched it before, you're definitely missing out. It'll bring a tear to your eye. It's sad to see everyone's life story and hear why they are overweight. By the season finale, it's just incredible to see how they look now and how much weight they have lost. It's crazy! I think this show is a must see. Check out the preview below!


September 25th -

Everyone loves The Office. I'm eagerly
awaiting it's return! Not much to say
about this show. Just pure awesomeness!

The Office is up for 3 Emmys!

*Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

Steve Carell as Michael Scott
*Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series
Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute
*Outstanding Comedy Series
The Office


September 22nd -

Heroes is a serial saga about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives. Not only are they discovering what having superpowers means to them but also the larger picture of where their superpowers come from. Eventually their superpowers draw them together when they try to evade the series’ antagonist who wants to harness their super-DNA for himself.

Heroes is a great show. Pure entertainment. It received 3 Emmy nominations.


October 6th -

After a hit-and-run accident left Samantha Newly (Christina Applegate) in an eight-day coma, she awoke with retrograde amnesia, which allowed her to fully function in the world but leaves her with no personal memories of her past. As she began her quest to rediscover herself, she learned that she had been a horrible person. Vain, selfish and potentially surrounded by far more enemies than friends, she made a conscious decision to improve herself moving forward with the help of her eclectic friends and family.

Emmy nominations:
*Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series - Christina Applegate
*Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series - Jean Smart

Both VERY deserving. If you've seen the show, you know they are pure genius!


October 9th -

I can't WAIT for this show! I have been waiting so long for Molly Shannon to come star in her own sitcom and now it's here! So excited to see how this one turns out! It looks hilarious.

"Kath & Kim," a series adapted from Australia's hit comedy of the same title, is a look into the minutiae of middle-class suburbia that digs deep into the daily lives of mother and daughter, Kath and Kim. Kath Day (Shannon) is the mom, a foxy, 40-something divorcee who finally has time for herself and her valiant search for love. Kim Day (Blair) is the daughter, a self-absorbed princess recently separated from her husband who finds consolation in stuffing her face. When Kim decides to move back home, Kath reluctantly agrees - but to Kim's chagrin, Kath is not about to cater to her every whim as she has in the past.


January 2009:

Last season of LOST was nothing short
of amazing. It's the best show on TV. I'm
eagerly awaiting the return of LOST next
year. No more writer strikes please!

The new season is going to be interesting. Changes are in store. All new audition cities, including Salt Lake! I have been wanting American Idol to come to Salt Lake for auditions because I know there will be some great talent! Utah is definitely underestimated. Of course after David Archuleta, they HAD to come to Salt Lake. The new season is also welcoming a 4th judge. Kara DioGuardi. I don't know much about her... but I've heard she's the female version of Simon. Speaks the truth. That should be good!

Remember Nick Zitzmann? He was from Salt Lake. Hopefully we find more great talent like him!


Looks AMAZING. I'm excited for this to finally return! It wasn't on last year due to the writer strike, so it has been since May of 2007 since it ended.

*WARNING* Spoiler Alert. If you haven't seen previous season, do not watch.

December '08 or January '09

Millionaires leave their life of luxury behind and hit the poorest neighborhoods without a penny. They'll get to experience how other people live. They have to find a job, and a place to live. Their goal is to find those unknown heroes and to give them a hunk of cash. I'm really excited for this one!

See the Preview for Secret Millionaire ---> HERE <---
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