Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So, this is a little late -
I've been tagged by: Courtney Brookie

my first name: Tanner

my middle name: John

my last name: Winnie

my first job: Einstein Bros. Bagels

a place i would like to visit: Australia

my age: 23

my favorite food: Bruschetta from Stone Ground

what i am doing now: Blogging in bed

my favorite object: My iPod. I would probably die without it

my bad habit: Biting my nails

my favorite animal: Penguins are pretty hilarious

the town i currently reside: Sugarhouse

the town i was born in: Salt Lake

my favorite color: Blue

my favorite place: The North Shore, Oahu

past pet: Tamagotchi. (Way in the past)

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