Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ross plays the bagpipe

One of the top ten funniest moments from FRIENDS. Oh how I miss this show.

Goodbye blow dryer

So for the past couple weeks, my phone has had a really hard time adjusting to the cold weather. It has slowly been dying. Yesterday it got out of hand. The only way I was able to use my phone is if I had it up to the heater in my car, rub it on my pants to heat it up by friction, or to blow dry it. Ridiculous.

The bottom half of my phone is a touch screen that you have to touch to be able to access your contacts, to text, and to do anything else besides pushing the buttons to call someone. Which is useless because who knows phone numbers anymore. They were all saved in my phone. It drove me crazy all day at work... Robyn's last day of work might I add. You will be missed. :( So when I got done working I headed straight to Verizon. To my surprise they gave me a brand new phone and was out the door in less than 10 minutes. If only I had gone sooner!

So I'm very happy with my brand new phone. No scratches, works in the cold, doesn't have a delay after I push my buttons like my last phone did. Gotta love a fresh cell phone! The only down side was that for some reason, they weren't able to transfer my phone numbers to the new phone. It wasn't working. So I have no phone numbers! Text me your number! 703-4146.
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