Sunday, April 6, 2008

YouTube Video Contest!

Here are the videos to vote on! You can vote for TWO videos. (Can't be your own) The voting will go until Tuesday and a winner will be chosen! In the event of a tie, the other videos will be deleted and a new voting poll will be created to vote on the finalists!

Here are your videos:

#1 - Japanese Potty Training

#2 - Japanese English Lesson

#3 - Love Me Tender

#4 - Jake's "The Office"

#5 - Scary Eyed Monster

#6 - You Raise Me Up

#7 - Food Court Musical

#8 - Typical Paula

#9 - Chicken Tennis

There they are! Now VOTE!!! The poll is open on the right. Remember... 2 votes. (not for your own)
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